Three Questions?

Another campaign against Democracy has begun again. People and specially political workers has to concentrate deep inside on causes, reasons and things hide behind smoke of apperent things. We all are agree with & support the Anti-Corruption Movement but there is very much care to differentiate between the Anti-corruption Movement and Anti-democracy Movement. We have to see first on History of Pakistan & History of Pakistan Politics, To see in detail about the Reasons & Causes of Corruption invented in Politics & Who were the Responsible those was done this dirty job. I have lot of questions to ask the blammers of field & facebook to many persons, 1/. What do you think about the Era of Ex-Governer General Ghulam Muhammad, Ex-President Major General (R) Askandar Mirza & Field Marshall General Muhammad Ayub? Many books like Shahab Nama by Quduratullah Shahab ( former I.C.S. ) provide few facts to understand and there are other books also to provide awareness of that time 2/. What do you think about those who easily said and expressed open support to Dictatorship ? 3/. There are lot of people thier parents were Govt Employees ( Civil & Military Officers ) who had established the Assets beyond thier financial limits and salaries but now their Generation who survivied on that Lotted Money of Corruption are Representing the Truth and Honesty? I will ask more questions but now I think above three questions are enough to ask to my friends.


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Magnitude of Understanding

To Confront the Truth of History, Accept the Mistakes of Past and Working with Honesty lead any Individual, Society, Country or Nation towrad real Development, Progress and Prosperity. If it is done you can say that it is the making of Real step forward

Do we examine ourselves according to above lines easily?

Do we believe that these lines are Worthwhile for us?

Do we able to Confront the Truth of our history in different areas and era?

Is the lines have magnitude of value to help us seeking the Solutions of our continue Crisis?

Do we really want to end the series of crisis began since 1947?

We have questions and we have to find the answers without blaming attitude but with a scientific, sincere and practical approach to help us in real meaning which make it possible to Get a Real Big Change without any Revelution but from the Way of Evolution.

One important question is : What are the Real Asset of a Society ?

Materialistic Assets : Infrastructure, Money, Buildings & Roads, New Cars and Aeroplanes and etc…………………… ?



And now which type of Assets we have in our Society ?

The purpose of writing these lines are not blaming anyone but Think about the MAGNITUDE of UNDERSTANDING!!

An hour of simple thinking on the subject and about the things one can rapidly begin by him/herself to get the Real Assets of Society may help every Individual to make a step forward.

Is there any hope for you to do??

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Is that the Solution?

After lot of thinking about the problems of our society and the individual as a member of society, the running chaos in our society and etc……………….

I have found a one line formula as a solution or co-ordinating solution which able to lead us towrads solution.

And first it is important to know that what are the basic problems of our society which really related to a common man instead of tough technical terms & phrases.

1. Corruption.
2. Mismanagement.
3. Un-certainity.
4. Inflation.
5. Lack of Quality Control and Honesty.

& etc………………….

I chose the Corruption as first priority basic problem of our society and an individual and Corruption in all matters.

So my one line formula is ” Be simple, Spread Simplicity in all areas of Life”

We are discussing the above line from all possible angles and point of views but my dear I have already checked as per my knowledge and information.

Why Corruption is exsisting here in our society:
What are the reason people have to accept, continue, start or bear corruption?
1. Mismanagment in every area so nothing will working as per system.
2. The general economic condition of a common man is bad so he is unable to survive.
3. A rate race is continue to raise the status without exception of right or wrong.
4. Inflation.
5. Un-certainity.

But if one is opt the SIMPLICITY in Living, It can possible to defeat the Corruption and others problems of our society then we think in reality about progress, development and for bright future of our society.

This line is not the end of my this blog but the initiative to think about and write your ideas to share.

In your point of view what is the basic problem on first priority out of above o5 problems

Voice of Life by Faisal Ali Arain

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Important Message

Hi Dear Friends,

Nowadays I am seeing that everyone is worry about the current situations ( Suicide attacks, Bomb blast, Corruption, Incompetence, Decay of Morales and etc…….).

So its the time to think and do something about betterment. Every individual can do something instead of blaming Govt, Politicians, Army, Leaders & Other parts of Society.

I have an idea which is easy to do but its really effective when done.

The Way to Happiness Foundation International ( is a non profit organization which is working for “Creating of a World of Peace, Trust & Honesty”. The Way to Happiness is a Book which is a commonsense guide for life.

Me & my few friends are in Islamabad to distribute the books among the people in bazars, markets, schools, streets & etc…….

Also we want to arrange seminars based on the book so people attending the semianar can feel easy to use this book in thier daily lives.

So please the people of Islamabad & Rawalpindi are requested to contact me on 0300/0313-2637126 and Email:

Faisal Ali Arain

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Important Message

Our Country & Nation are in trouble due to many reason and toplisted is terrorism. What can an Individual do?

A little effort can count even if you calm down a person who is depressed because of situation arounds.

The Way to Happiness ( is a book which found effective in
the troubled areas & lives. Its si…mple, effective and working.

If anyone from Islamabad & Rawalpindi are interested to do
something towards better the conditions. Please contact me on

Those who are living in Karachi can contact also as I am from Karachi
but nowadays in Islamabad. and people living in other cities will
contact also so we will settle ” What We Can Do to Change the

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Little Action will Make Big Impact to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

In the chaos all around us it is really difficult to understand what is the starting point to do & if one thinks this must be an action which should make good impact even little.

On the other hand it seems easy to do anything for the good as it is needed in every area to do something.

As an Individual one can also prepare him/herself to face/confront disorder around us which may become as Anti-Hope Agent as people around us may not willing to act for change & if we are not prepare for this it will make us tired & depressed.

The understanding of what we will going to do is provide us courage everywhere.

In my humble view one have to look into him/herself comfortably & check that which area to do is getting thier interest/attention.

There are many things to do:

One can teach.

One can Clean.

One can convince others.

One can drive others.

One can care plants & trees.

One can care animals.

One can assist others.

One can help others.

One can understand others.

One can work to protect
environmental protection.

One can co-ordinate.

One can listen.



Another question raised now:

What is the best action to do which will more benefecial & make a significant result inspite of other actions?

Is it best:

If we convince one to do right things for him/herself, for society thus Nation & rest of the world.

A little action we all will do is toconvince/insist/ educate the people around us to Respect/Obey the Law & try to be civilized by action. The interesting thing was happend with me that when I was trying to do this I cognite many times to educate myself. This is really good as this practice make yourself to do same as you want others do.

A chapter of book ” The Way to Happiness ” is SET a GOOD EXAMPLE and it will make easy for others to understand what you want to convey to them.

Don’t forget that we need a better society and it must be consists on BETTER PEOPLE so if one understand & agreed to do right things then he/she may automatically convince/inspire others to do right either by convincing others or by SET a GOOD EXAMPLE.

A little action to do for us is Try to convince other to care the Law like
” Don’t break the traffic signal “,

” Make a Que “,

” Care the Trees, Plants & Animal “,

” Answer politely the questions of children ”

& rest of many little actions able to make a Big Impact to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

So friends you will add there more little actions which help me & others.

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A reply about Misbehave of Standered Chartered Bank (A Multinational Bank)

I have read an article of Faisal Qureshi on his life sream ( and then I have written following reply.

This is really voice of my heart. Few months ago my credit cards had missed and I have reported that event to banks. But still I don’t received my replacement cards except than citibank card which I had received. But Standard charterd Bank & Alflah bank still not delivered replacement cards. Specially the standard chartered bank made me annoying many times. Thier operator asked me tell me about your last payment amount which I had paid many months ago. what a stupid question? but Standard chartered bank does not care even I had launched the complain.

Phone companies have thier qualities also.

Really not small traders or shopkeepers but Multinational companieds & banks treat thier customers like slaves actually.

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