A reply about Misbehave of Standered Chartered Bank (A Multinational Bank)

I have read an article of Faisal Qureshi on his life sream (www.faisalqureshi.net) and then I have written following reply.

This is really voice of my heart. Few months ago my credit cards had missed and I have reported that event to banks. But still I don’t received my replacement cards except than citibank card which I had received. But Standard charterd Bank & Alflah bank still not delivered replacement cards. Specially the standard chartered bank made me annoying many times. Thier operator asked me tell me about your last payment amount which I had paid many months ago. what a stupid question? but Standard chartered bank does not care even I had launched the complain.

Phone companies have thier qualities also.

Really not small traders or shopkeepers but Multinational companieds & banks treat thier customers like slaves actually.


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