Little Action will Make Big Impact to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

In the chaos all around us it is really difficult to understand what is the starting point to do & if one thinks this must be an action which should make good impact even little.

On the other hand it seems easy to do anything for the good as it is needed in every area to do something.

As an Individual one can also prepare him/herself to face/confront disorder around us which may become as Anti-Hope Agent as people around us may not willing to act for change & if we are not prepare for this it will make us tired & depressed.

The understanding of what we will going to do is provide us courage everywhere.

In my humble view one have to look into him/herself comfortably & check that which area to do is getting thier interest/attention.

There are many things to do:

One can teach.

One can Clean.

One can convince others.

One can drive others.

One can care plants & trees.

One can care animals.

One can assist others.

One can help others.

One can understand others.

One can work to protect
environmental protection.

One can co-ordinate.

One can listen.



Another question raised now:

What is the best action to do which will more benefecial & make a significant result inspite of other actions?

Is it best:

If we convince one to do right things for him/herself, for society thus Nation & rest of the world.

A little action we all will do is toconvince/insist/ educate the people around us to Respect/Obey the Law & try to be civilized by action. The interesting thing was happend with me that when I was trying to do this I cognite many times to educate myself. This is really good as this practice make yourself to do same as you want others do.

A chapter of book ” The Way to Happiness ” is SET a GOOD EXAMPLE and it will make easy for others to understand what you want to convey to them.

Don’t forget that we need a better society and it must be consists on BETTER PEOPLE so if one understand & agreed to do right things then he/she may automatically convince/inspire others to do right either by convincing others or by SET a GOOD EXAMPLE.

A little action to do for us is Try to convince other to care the Law like
” Don’t break the traffic signal “,

” Make a Que “,

” Care the Trees, Plants & Animal “,

” Answer politely the questions of children ”

& rest of many little actions able to make a Big Impact to MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.

So friends you will add there more little actions which help me & others.


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