Important Message

Hi Dear Friends,

Nowadays I am seeing that everyone is worry about the current situations ( Suicide attacks, Bomb blast, Corruption, Incompetence, Decay of Morales and etc…….).

So its the time to think and do something about betterment. Every individual can do something instead of blaming Govt, Politicians, Army, Leaders & Other parts of Society.

I have an idea which is easy to do but its really effective when done.

The Way to Happiness Foundation International ( is a non profit organization which is working for “Creating of a World of Peace, Trust & Honesty”. The Way to Happiness is a Book which is a commonsense guide for life.

Me & my few friends are in Islamabad to distribute the books among the people in bazars, markets, schools, streets & etc…….

Also we want to arrange seminars based on the book so people attending the semianar can feel easy to use this book in thier daily lives.

So please the people of Islamabad & Rawalpindi are requested to contact me on 0300/0313-2637126 and Email:

Faisal Ali Arain


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