Lets discuss: What is responsibility of an Individual towards betterment of Society.


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Bacha leen gain apna Watan

Aah Ankhain bhi roo rahi hai aaj dil ke sath
Kiyon ye sab ho rha hai mere Swat ke sath

Masoon si un nigahoon ko kiya jawab doon
Jo ho chuka hai ab Kiya os ka hisaab doon

Khon de ke dhoo rhe hain ab sare hisab wo
Wardi pehan ke nikle hain bachane Swat ko

Hum sab bhi sath hoon tu hosle barhe rahen
Ab waqt hai ke hum bas sach hi ke sath hoon

Guzar hi jae ga nazuk jo waqr aan para hai
Dushman hai jo wo bhi yeah jaan chala hai

Himat rahe jama tu kat hi jai ga rasta kathan 
Hmko yaqen ha ke bacha le gain hum watan

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Attitude for People working under Open Sky or Roads.

Have you seen that how burning is the weather nowadays?

Did you notice something else in this regard?

Did you notice the decreasing ratio of trees & plants?

have you seen outside from your airconditioned office/home/car or covered places where outside many human beings like us are busy in work or live below the naked sunlight without any shelter, where the heat from the Sun, Polution from the Smoke of the cars, Noises from the engines, machines and reflecting heat from the burning roads directly hit them but they don’t blaim, don’t complain.

What are we thinking & care of them?

Have we given them respect?

Have we let them cross the road easily instead of yelling & continue push the horns of the cars?

Have we seen them with care & respect in our eyes?

Is it necessary?

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Few Questions for all of us (Pakistanies)

This forum is for us to discuss the things concernd with us as an Individual, Society, Relation of an Individual & Society, Attitudes & Our future.

There are lot of topics here to discuss for the seek of getting workable conclusion or point out the things to provoke thoughts. I think Communication on things, matters and events are necessary specially for us where we only talking not Communication.
Talking made noises and Communication made understanding.

Now I think we badly need understanding as a Society, as a Nation thus we would be going towards One Pakistan One Nation.
One Pakistan One Nation is a simple slogan but have lot of things inside as if we just begin to think with it we may hope to be win, to be united and to be civilized.

This slogan covers a message of harmony, peace, love and brotherhood.

So what is our role to be a Pakistani ( If we believe on One Pakistan One Nation )

1/. Love with others but Why?

2/. Care of others but Why?

3/. Dont break the rules (whereever) but why?

4/. Don’t critisize but Why?

5/. Dream for a better tommorrow but why?

6/. Don’d support Insanity in any shape without any reservation but Why?

7/. Alway support Good Persons whereever they are. Without any reservation of language, party, sect, religon and sort of prefrences. But Why?

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12 May. A challenge for all of us to keep the PEACE in Karachi instead of all hurdles.

Today is 08 May,2009
Only 03 days left for 12 May,2009.

Many rumors are circulating in the city about 12 May,2009.

But this date bring a challenge for all of us to show a total positive attitude to keep the peace of city so everybody will experience a new style of positivity from all of us (Citizens of Karachi).

Will we do it?
Many have doubts but I am certain that if we really want to show the positive attitude we will definitely do it.

Its the need of time and we have to accept this challenge.

But How?

Atleast we convience ourself & people around us ( family, neighbourhood, office &  Community ) about doing something for keeping peace in the city. as become not effect of bad things & hate for our fellow human beings.

We will do following things & also convience others to do same:

1/. Don’t pass any rumor or bad news untill it have proved to be turth. Also don’t pass bad news to others even true untill it is necessary.

2/. Don’t discuss bad things of past and don’t allow others to do that.

3/. We have need to adopt a behaviour of posivity & happiness with others and also show the attitude of tolerance.

4/. Don’t become effect of HATE & Bad emotions spreaded by Merchant of Chaos who want to destroy the city & its peace thus peace of country.
Above tips are few but we have many things if we really want to accept the challenge to keep peace on 12 May,2009

4/. To ” Set a Good Example ” just by showing our good intentions by good actions.

Beyond of all things : Language, Party Affiliation, Race & sort of things we need to live as ONE PAKISTAN ONE NATION like brothers & citizens.

Do we????????????????????[b][/b]

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What is the role of Media ( Print, T.V. & Radio ) in PAKISTAN now for making a better environment?

If we take a look into the collective role of Media ( Print, T.V. & Radio ) what is he Outcome?
1/. Is Media promote the chaos ?
2/. Are Majority of Anchors needs to learn the manners of speech & behaive?
3/. Why Media always follow the breaking news on any cost?
4/. Is Media have any “Code of Conduct” for discipline thierself?
5/. why Media just interested on Bad News only? Because ” Bed News Sells “?
6/. Have Media bearing any system of accountability for thier members ( Individuals & Organizations)?
7/. Why Channels continously repeating the bad scenes ( Murders, bomb blasts, firing & etc… )?

In current situations above questions are important as reading newspapers & seeing newschannels is become a tool of getting tension & disturbance.

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Lets Communicate for Make the Change.

Whatever the reason is — It may lesser the tradation of communication and this not a good indicator for a society or nation where the members of a society or nation may avoid to communicate about matters, problems, situations & other things thus they basically strong the problems & difficulties just because to avoid the communication.
COMMUNICATION is LIFE and when a nation avoid the life it may travel towards end. Communication is not Talking because ” Talking creates noises but Communication creates understanding “. So to no communication attitude leads groups, societies & nations to tackle situations by fight, battles or wars. When communication left other things take place instead of communication and another question suddenly come into the mind: What is Communication if Talking is not the similar word to use instead of Communication?

Communication have various things: Intention, Attention, Distance, Duplication, Terminals, Cause & effect. So if all the things are togather Comminication become in exsistance and where Communication take places it may reolve all the problems as ” Communication is Universal Solvent (L.Ron.Hubbard) ”
Thatswhy I am emphasize to just do communication and always try to develop a Communicative Society where we able to discuss, convey, exchange the ideas and get understood.

To writing blogs is the way we begin communication with the fellow society members and the we become on of that group working for the betterment of society by communicating on all the matters as people believe on slve matters by communication.
We have chance to make a change in Mindset & attitudes just by participating.

So lets start communicating.

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